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“From a young age, our father has been closely related to the formulation of cosmetics. When my brother and I grew up, my father decided it was time to do what he did best: start a cosmetics factory from scratch but with all the accumulated years of experience in designing new formulas.

My brother and I joined up to my father’s project when we finished our studies: my brother as an Industrial Engineer and myself with a degree in Pharmacy.

After years of experience, we decided to create our own brand with our own approach to what cosmetic products should be. We were tired of ordinary designs, cumbersome labels, uncomfortable packaging and boring products, especially as related to organic cosmetics.

We wanted to do cosmetics that care for people and the environment, whilst communicating our information in a clear way, with simple designs, nice packaging and effective products. That is what we called NAOBAY (Natural And Organic Beauty And You).”

Naobay is Ecocert certified, The wood, the cardboard of the boxes and the paper of the catalogues are FSC certified.