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Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Green olive fruitiness, complex, with a predominance of herbal nuances such as recently mown grass, the leaves of olive trees, tomato plants, and green banana. Extremely well balanced on the palate, on entry it is sweet and light, with an almost imperceptible bitterness and a persistent peppery finish.

The aftertaste consists of a succession of taste sensations such as wheat and olive tree leaves, with fruity counterparts of banana and green almond.

This oil has an extremely fruity and harmonious aroma, taste and lingering olfaction, with the intensity of the green fruit being balanced by the herbal flavors and a lingering presence.

Casa De Alba
Casa De Alba
Casa De Alba
Casa De Alba
Casa De Alba
Casa De Alba

La Casa de Alba (House of Alba) is one of Spain’s oldest aristocratic families. The family’s origin can be traced back to the 14th century. Read more



Picual De Ortegas: A single variety olive oil with a golden color and a bouquet full of fruit with notes of fresh herbs, green almonds, and green tomatoes. Its medium intensity of bitterness and spice give body and a unique personality.

This variety of oil is intense, ideal for stews, seafood, garlic prawns, bacalao al pil-pil, to sauté vegetables,

soups and for sauces. High in vitamin E and polyphenols.

Cornicabra De Ortegas: A single variety olive oil with a golden color and a fresh bouquet of fruit with notes of aromatic herbs and green leaves. A medium intensity of bitterness and spice. Well balanced.

Ideal for use in tortillas, and all types of stews.

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Almazara De Ortegas is a family business that has for many generations been dedicated to agriculture and for 15 years their farming practices have been 100% organic. Read more

AWARDS De Ortegas Cornicabra has been selected among the 10 most healthy oils in the world.




CONSUMER ADVICE Due to its exceptional mildness, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for salads and is especially good for frying.

Viña Elena is a “bodega” from Jumilla located in the north of Murcia. This family-run “bodega” dates back to 1948 when Francisco, the current generation’s late-grandfather, began to make wine from his modest winepress of the family. Read more